My work considers the unintended consequences, cultural conflations, (mis)interpretations, and (mis)perceptions of social relations. It examines various types of mobility that range in breadth from the individual to the international. This work is not grounded in one way of making, but rather shifts between media from sculpture and drawing to performance, sound, and video. In this movement between and among materials and processes, I am invested in making work that has a strong performative dimension; it may be produced in a social exchange or may exist as a potentiality, proposing an imagined interaction without necessitating its enactment. Work that calls for direct engagement recalls theatrical props and takes on an intermediary role to disrupt, accentuate, or contort interactions between viewer and performer, viewer and viewer, or viewer and object. Regardless of its final form and function, I aim to maintain a certain level of accessibility in all of my work by embracing a vernacular of humor and utilizing commonplace materials, familiar activities and quotidian actions, while at the same time, gently nudging viewers off-balance.