found lottery tickets, gold leaf, shoes, roses, vase
dimensions variable

These images show installation documentation of Limp from two different exhibitions, Land Grab (2014) and readymade@100 (2014). 

Land Grab
Land Grab was a solo exhibition at the Chicken Box in Baltimore, Maryland, which is a gallery and performance space that shares a storefront location with the office of Station North Arts & Entertainment, Inc. (SNAE). For the run of this exhibition, SNAE staff members wore shoes with lottery tickets and gold leaf attached to the soles. Additionally, a vase with roses was installed on top of the refrigerator in the SNAE office. The roses remained installed in the office for the duration of the exhibition.

readymade@100 was a group exhibition at the American University Museum in Washington DC. This iteration of Limp varied slightly from the original Land Grab version. The exhibition curator, Mark Cameron Boyd, would wear the shoes while he was in the museum. When he was not present, the shoes were displayed on a pedestal.